Red Freedom Saturdays

No, I’m not talking about a weekend in the Soviet Union.  I have come to think of my Saturdays as “Red Freedom” days because they are my only full day in the week without work, and I have synesthesia (, which allows me to see colors associated with each day of the week.

Yesterday was a glorious sun-filled fall day, and if I owned a camera I would post an image of the pie cherry red rose hips I saw contrasted against smooth blue water during my walk at Padilla Bay.  I definitely have wanderlust, and if life circumstances allowed, I would be a full-time wanderer.  But within my constraints of little funds and little freedom outside my mind, I do what I can.

I lived in Bellingham for 5 years after dropping out of a teaching program in the early 1990s, and the area of Skagit Valley farmland and hiking trails along Chukanut Drive have been my favorite escape ever since.  The little towns of Bow-Edison have recently morphed into a bit of a artisan tourist destination.  Usually I drive on by between hikes, but yesterday I stopped in at Farm to Market Bakery and enjoyed a sweet moment of helping sing “Happy Birthday” to an embarrassed young man sitting at a table, and had a fabulous sandwich.  It was carmelized onions, red peppers, basil pesto, with goat cheese.  Scrumptious!

Here are some pics from the place from another blog of a person I do not know who actually does own a camera and writes about travel as a vocation:


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