Example of Law of Attraction in Action

During much of the past decade, many thinkers have published work and visual media concerning the Law of Attraction and an expansion of awareness that we are vibrational entities and therefore anyone can tap into the ultimate reality beyond our “illusion” or physical reality.  This understanding goes hand in glove with quantum physics that shows waves (frequencies/vibrations) can only change particles (physical matter) when there is an observer.  In other words ONLY when our consciousness is focused on them, particles change behavior.  This means our consciousness has a much greater direct impact on our physical reality than most of us realize.  Einstein and others did not believe this aspect of quantum physics to be true until it was proved in experiments repeatedly, and recently it has become a cornerstone of “New Age” thought.  But mystics from many traditions across the globe understood this law long ago.

I’ve been catching up on my reading lately and so have immersed myself in the work of Eckhart Tolle, Esther and Jerry Hicks, and many Buddhist writers.  Because I have had experiences I cannot explain with how I previously understood the physical realm, I have a strong desire and hunger to understand and open my mind to other perspective and explanation.

The Law of Attraction is simply that if you desire/want something, the universe, being abundant, will always say immediately “yes,” BUT you need to match your vibration (or emotional state using emotion as a GPS) to the vibration of that which you want.  Now, in my exploration of Buddhist practice, I have spent a great deal of time working on accepting the way things are.  This reduces anxiety, but is not necessarily human, because we all want things, desire things, work toward things, and if those things are good for us they will be brought to us at the right time, and we will progress in life.

Okay, so here is a small example that happened to me this week showing the Law of Attraction in action.  I completed an exercise in the book, “The Power of Receiving,” which was to write a 3-page list in complete sentences of everything I want, the purpose being that it is often very difficult for people to state clearly what they want.  At first, this was a very difficult thing to begin and it took me 2 days to complete, but once I got started, it was really fun!  You should try it.  The author, Amanda Owen, suggests including the most improbable things you can imagine on this list.

The first item on my list was “I want to be free of my lifelong allergies to animal dander.”  Truly, I cannot imagine a more life-changing event than this, because I have such extreme reaction to dog dander topping the list with other furry critters following close behind, that I want you to imagine my world for a moment.  Think of all the people you know who have dogs and cats and then imagine you can never go over to their homes, never date them, and never yourself own a cozy pet for unconditional love.  This would mean my childhood of sitting on back porches at birthday parties and social isolation would shift.  My case is so extreme, I went to an allergist and was told I had the worst reaction he had seen in 30 years of practice (to dog) and he could do nothing for me.  So, now you know my physical reality.

And here is what happened this week.  I walked on the best walking beach near me which happens to be popular with dog walkers for its off-leash area.  I walked 5 minutes, when a man approached me and said jokingly, “What, no dog?  Don’t you need to have a dog to walk this beach?”  I explained, and he proceeded to tell me about a naturopathic nurse that does free consultations at a location a mile from my home, and she has successfully cured severe pet dander allergies that a friend of his had.

I thanked him and smiled that big smile that happens when you know the universe is speaking directly to you, pointing you in a direction.  He proceeded to call his dog to him before we parted ways, and guess what the dog’s name is?  “Bodhi”!  The tree Buddha sat under when attaining enlightenment.  Here in one swift gesture from a stranger was information I did not know, for something that can directly help with a lifelong problem at an affordable price, sealed with a symbol that said “If you didn’t get this now, you won’t ever,” (the dog’s name).

I am in the process of following through with this information and seeing whether my reality can change for the better, but regardless of what happens, it is moments like this that prove to me the Law of Attraction really exists and works, and the universe nudges us continuously to our benefit, as long as we are listening.

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