Vegetarian Stew and Life Paradoxes

I suppose recipes are included in copyright law, but to me cooking is meant to be shared and enjoyed.  Instead of copying, I’m including a link here to a recipe I found to be fabulous and warming in the colder days:

Some Life Paradoxes:

1)  The person who taught me most about giving in relationships had on the surface the most suffering life and the least to give.

2)  People are complex; guidelines for living well and in balance are simple.

3)  We can travel entire lifetimes while sitting still.

4)  My favorite Rumi:  All the world’s genius makes books black with words, but simple knowing keeps whole skies filled with light. 

5)  Truth can be pointed at by others but only known by our own heart.

6)  Walking is the slowest form of transportation, yet the oldest and most rich in experience.

7)  I work a sedentary job yet would rather be in motion.












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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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1 Response to Vegetarian Stew and Life Paradoxes

  1. Hi Erin,
    Vegetarian stew sounds delish!

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