Moving and Gratitudes

Moving.  Nomadic.  Restless.  Grass is greener over there.

This describes my life until 40.

How many times I moved homes, including within same town or city:

Birth to age 17:  3

Age 17-30:  30

Age 30-40:  15

Age 40-45:  0*

*Excluding the entire month of my 40th birthday spent at the Ronald McDonald House and Seattle Children’s Hospital while my daughter was on life support oxygen.


1)  I am grateful for finally being able to see the green grass where I am.

2)  I am grateful for living on an island full of great walking places with sheep a block away, bald eagles and great blue herons flying above, surrounded by stormy seas in winter and mirrored rainbows in spring.

3)  I am grateful for my child who challenges me to grow in all ways, even when I don’t want to.

4)  I am grateful for my intuition and trying to honor it more often.

5)  I am grateful for my parents who provide a fabulous Thanksgiving feast each year, asking only for me to “bring a green vegetable.”  And my siblings who share the table and our childhood.

6)  I am grateful to be living at this moment in time and space of tremendous r(evolution) of consciousness and wish for dignity and strength and sustenance for all.


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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