Dialogue with Universe

Universe to Erin:  Now that you have found a purposeful goal that feels 100% right in that it contains everything your life has been up to this point (2018 or bust), you must wait 7 years to see it come to fruition.

E:  I see.  I knew this felt familiar.  Like the time when I was 7 you showed me a vision of myself as an older person sitting at a grand piano on a concert stage. . . and 7 years later I was there, winning awards.

Universe:  Symmetry, isn’t it?

E:  You betcha. . . oh no, I can’t be channeling Sarah Palin!  Am I feverish?  I do have a question though.  If I am destined for something greater on behalf of others than I have been able to be up to this point, why the past decade?  I mean, why make me live through periods of wrenching loneliness bracketing enough drama to fill several Jerry Springer shows?  Need I remind you of a brief period of homelessness and spending a Valentine’s Day in court for a protection order (nice touch on the timing for dramatic effect, BTW) while coping with a critically ill child and then going back to court to have my child support cut in half during a year I was unable to work in order to care for child?  What about being laid off my job the same month my dear one was on life support?  What about needing to empty my fledgling retirement to help pay for my divorce?  What about a decade lived near or below the poverty line no matter how many hours per week I work and no savings?

Universe:  That’s more than 1 question.

E:  Sorry.

Universe:  Did people help you when you thought you had lost everything?

E:  Yes.  Actually every single time people unexpectedly appeared.

Universe:  Does your job meet all your basic needs?  Did it allow you to stay at home with your child while single parenting?

E:  Yes and yes.

Universe:  Did going through all the suffering you mention give you more empathy for others suffering?

E:  Yes.

Universe:  Is your child healthy?

E:  Yes.

Universe:  If you had more money, what would you do with it?

E:  I would probably shop at Trader Joe’s every week and move locations to have a better chance at developing a committed relationship with someone and have more social contact in a larger city.

Universe:  Exactly, my point.  You would spend it doing the same old routine.  Moving to some place with greener grass.  How does that work with raising a child?  Haven’t you been provided the best of all possible places to raise a child?

E:  I see your point.

Universe:  Spend the next 7 years preparing for your dream of walking around 4000 miles over 10 months on behalf of others, and you will know the greatest freedom possible and your strength in ways no other thing could teach you.

E:  I understand.  Barring all of humanity disappearing in some cataclysmic event or a major health change, I am up for the task.  In 7 years if all remains the same (pretty unlikely with you around), I will have completed 24 years at a job that has kept me treading water in an office cave monitored by a supervisor, and causing ringing in my ears, the first stage of hearing loss.  When I reach the day I get to walk each day outdoors appreciating all creation in this waking dream, I will know the value of this freedom and will be more than ready to create a new life.

Universe:  Yes, keep 2018 in your vision, but don’t forget your freedom in the present moment.  Now is all you have.  The real you outside the illusion in which you live is always free.

E:  I knew you’d say that.  Thanks for everything.

Universe:  You’re welcome.  It’s in my job description.


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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