New Book About Loss and Grief

I contacted Ted Wiard a year ago after seeing a documentary about a healing retreat he manages in New Mexico called Golden Willow Ranch.  I was incredibly touched by his story of loss and how he coped.  Plus I was yearning to visit my childhood state of New Mexico.  He answered my e-mail personally and for that reason I was on his mailing list announcing his new book on Amazon today.  I have not read it yet, but it looks very good for anyone facing loss.

My life is definitely not all about loss and grief though I have experienced my share, but my local community has experienced quite a bit of it in recent weeks, the world community does all the time, and grief and loss do not necessarily come from death, so I’m posting this book here in case it is helpful to anyone.

I love how the authors, Carol Poteat and Ted Wiard, define loss:

“Loss is a shaking, cracking or shattering of the foundation of our personal reality, at times subtle and at other times, extreme.”

Blessings on your journey.

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