Oh The People You Meet

Shea Hembrey: How I Became 100 Artists

My brother passed this man’s TED talk to me, and if you have 20 minutes to be entertained and amused, I highly recommend viewing it.

It got me thinking about a mind-expanding experiment each of us could do – listen to and “channel” aspects of ourselves into their various personalities.  This is a great deal of fun and we need not worry about crossing the border into multiple personality disorder as long as we are sure who is making a living and who is in bed at night.

Some of My People:

1)  Alice Farnhart:  Alice lives on a homestead, grows her own vegetables, raises small farm animals for their meat and eggs, chops her own wood for heat, knits bulky sweaters and preserves jams from her fruit trees for friends in winter.  She is friendly to passersby but lives alone because she prefers solitude and physical labor, prefers to wear the same sundress every day over jeans and a turtle neck in winter, without jeans in summer, and has not found a man yet who does not irritate her after 5 days.

2)  Evelyn Snow:  She is a performing pianist who travels 9 months a year all over Europe and America and has recorded many albums, mostly of the romantic era composers, Chopin, Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt, but she has a special affinity for Baroque chamber music, something she rarely gets to enjoy because she is in such demand to perform solo with symphonies.  She wears only the finest Italian clothes.  Her personality is extremely fragile.  She can only express emotion through music, and is physically diminutive.  She has powerful and invincible energy on stage and then draws the shades in hotel rooms, wears large sunglasses even on cloudy days, and does not allow anyone to approach her off stage.

3)  Julie Spacovia:  She is an anthropologist who lives for several years at a time with indigenous peoples around the world.  Her linguistic skill and openness allow her to be accepted and trusted fairly rapidly by people with entirely different cultural frameworks as her own upbringing.  She has published articles focusing on maternal bonding and is sought after to comment on  the “girl effect” of worldwide social empowerment.  She is happily married to an archaeologist.  They meet at home base, a rustic cabin in the mountains of Colorado, between extended periods of travel, where they act as one another’s editors, writing and publishing their findings.

4)  Eva Small:  She spends a lot of time in public libraries, observing people and writing poems about their imagined lives.  She is petite with fine features and dark eyes, earns her living as a coffee barista, and is an endurance athlete.  She prefers to run in the dark when no one is watching, and she has completed 15 marathons around the US.  She is not motivated by shaving minutes off her training time but instead enjoys the freedom from ego endurance states provide.

5)  Susan Marhana:  Her family has not had any contact from her in years because she travels from one spiritual retreat to another around the world, seeking enlightenment and a spiritual teacher.  One day she knows she will find what she seeks, but for now, losing her ego in rigorous daily meditation is what she loves because it is one place she can go that provides freedom from her story and life traumas/dramas.  She dreams of becoming a Buddhist nun but is unsure whether she can commit to a single path wholeheartedly and instead prefers to explore a range of meditative traditions.  She has long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, and travels with only a yoga mat, sleeping bag, and enough clothing for a week.  She would follow a cult if she could find one that pleased her enough.


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1 Response to Oh The People You Meet

  1. Swati says:

    Fascinating and thought-provoking…I have to think of my list….hmm…

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