Snow Days!

Snow makes me happy!  There, I said it.  I love being in it and inside looking at it.  And how great is it that I can do my job from the warmth of home, not missing a paycheck due to inability to get my 12-year-old car to work?  Pretty great.

This week, 6-10 inches of snow arrived where I live, a rather unusual event.  Some years we get more than others, but usually snow happens only once a year for a few days, if that, before melting into Seattle area gray rain.  People talk about how depressing it is to live in places where you are socked in with snow for a great part of the year (Alaska, Colorado, Midwestern US), but snow actually reflects so much light, I find it much easier on the psyche than eternal gray winter.  People who choose to live in such places are used to going into ditches on the way to work, even bicycling to work (seriously, I met a man in Alaska who did this year-round), shoveling, tire chaining, equipped to handle months of powder drifts.

Snow is a child’s wonderland.  My daughter does not own a sled but she made one out of a piece of cardboard wrapped in garbage bag, and made our front yard a slalom.  I spent my first 5 years of life in Boston winters and remember being so happy in the snow, my mom could rarely convince me to come back inside.  I also spent a year of college in Wisconsin, so I appreciate what real snow and cold (70 degrees below) is.  Ironically, I have never seemed to have funds for winter sports and thus cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing are on my bucket list.

A little poem of snow:

Crystals settle slipshod over churches, terraces, bungalows,

shape-shifting drifters on oceans, rivers, open palms,

solid frozen insulation, mountain topping isolation.

Angel wings, numb faces, carrot noses, sled races.

No school, freedom time!

Hot cocoa, steeped tea, thawing fingers, time for me,

Homebound, bathed in light, solitude, mind flight.

(ew – 2012)


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1 Response to Snow Days!

  1. RWArnold says:

    A beautiful snow in our lowlands is one of our NW winter delights!. What a great attitude! I so totally agree. It lifts our spirits and is fun to feel on the face! Beware the glazed ice, for your car might slide free, but your can slip from the daily grind, with a chance of the ice.

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