My Plan for Financial Freedom

In Honor of Fire Dragon Chinese New Year said to bring improvements in finances and new ventures

After anyone who knows me is done laughing at this blog title, I would like to suggest that even though I have been nearly as allergic to money in my life as I am to dogs, I do have a plan.  That’s odd for someone who hates planning.

~ Be debt free.  I am 2 months away from paying off 5 years of consolidated credit from the period my life descended into what can only nicely be described as “the vortex,” that prepared me nicely for the world economic collapse a short while later, creating a perfect storm of emptying my 401K, using credit cards to buy medicine, health care, car maintenance, and even food.  The reason this was only 5 years of debt and I avoided homelessness was thanks to generous community and family during and after my daughter’s health crisis and the year I was unable to work.  I will write another blog about the word Home another day, because it’s a really nice story.  This was round 2 of the lesson I thought I had learned 15 years earlier.  Maybe some people need more than one attempt to get the credit card insanity behind them.  Got it now, thank you.  No rinse and repeat.

~ Work as much as I can possibly tolerate and still maintain my ability to walk, talk, and feed self, though some days this is questionable when someone needs to speak with me and I try to form a verbal sentence only to discover all nouns and verbs have disappeared.  Like the tortoise and the hare story, eventually, all my years of 2-job work has to pay off.

~ Change health insurance.  As soon as my employer’s health insurance open enrollment rolls around in March, I will be moving my daughter’s coverage to a program that will save me $200/month.

~ Emergency savings.  I will put half the money that was going to debt consolidation toward an emergency fund, half toward kiddo’s orthodontia and then payments I have been putting off for my own health care, car maintenance, and finally a new computer to be able to work more efficiently.  Okay, maybe that’s too big a list.  Gotta think smaller.  New computer can wait.

~ Live frugally, put off but hold onto dreams.  I will continue to live frugally, going out to eat no more than once a month if that, living well on my own concoctions of fresh local produce and spices, and home movies.  Here’s a nice quote to capture the essence of deferred gratification and choosing instead to know joy where one is:  A great obstacle to happiness is expecting too much happiness.  – Bernard de Fontanelle, French writer  

Rejuvenate.  I will take my first week-long vacation in 6 years with my daughter and rejuvenate so I can work some more!

~ Stay healthy.  I will try to stay healthy, floss my teeth (no joke – I had the lovely cost last year of 5 fillings), and pursue anything I can that betters myself without requiring money.  Pursue anything, even if walking at midnight, to combat the health effects of sedentary jobs.

Moral of the Story:  Something as small as a 3-1/2-inch piece of plastic you use because you think there’s no alternative or a strand of floss can have a huge impact on your financial freedom, so please take care of the little things so they take care of you.


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