Living Without Money and Thriving Community

These 2 beautiful examples, one global, one local, crossed my path of the dialogue about creating a stronger community beyond our current economic paradigm.  I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my heroes, my aunt, in the Thriving Communities video, saying one sentence:  “I believe in safety nets.”

Living Without Money

Thriving Communities

I have always been happiest when volunteering in efforts that help others, and I intend to live nearly money free when I am done raising my daughter.  Walking across the country for a year visiting children’s hospitals along the way is my dream of a start to that new lifestyle.  I also intend to explore opportunities to divest myself of all belongings and live from room/board stipends – lighthouse caretakers, seasonal gardeners, state park assistants.  I do not want to make that choice for my child, and the healthcare needs of a cancer survivor require money.  For now I need to work many hours, but when I am only responsible for myself, I know there is a richer life than the money treadmill we are all in.



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