Save The Fish!

A small note about the battle cry to which I awoke yesterday morning.  Mom, save the fish!  Apparently, overnight my 20-year-old 40-gallon fish tank split its seam and emptied about 15 gallons of water onto the floor. . . which dripped its way into a large puddle in the basement.  In my morning stupor, I thought it was a gentle rain I was hearing – until I opened my curtain and saw blue sky.

My morning involved partially stopping the leak with duct tape, mopping up water with every towel in the house, netting 30 feisty fish and remaining water into a 5-gallon bucket, trip to pet store to purchase new aquarium.  As fortune would have it, there was only one that fit the dimensions of my stand, tank hood and heater.  Lugged to bathtub and rinsed out new aquarium, which was full of dust/old flies from sitting on store shelf, lugged broken aquarium off stand, scooped out gravel, carted 40 gallons of water from kitchen sink one 2-gallon pan at a time, netted fish back into tank, and got to start my work day 2 hours late.  All fish survived.

All my life I’ve had tropical fish because they are the only creatures I can care for without affecting my health (severe allergies to everything with 4 legs), but today I was reminded how vulnerable they are and how nice it is to do something that makes you feel like a super hero in the eyes of your child.  : )


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