Improvement Tools

I like to pass along tools that have helped me.  There is a lot of media out there using the term “Zen” that is loosely connected to actual Zen dharma/practice.

What I love about this man’s blog (a dad to 6 children) below is that he uses himself as an experiment in applying Zen principles to his American living, breathing, day to day life, and even earning money from helping people:

Zen Habits

Another blog I enjoy focused on parenting and life wisdom from a woman’s perspective is:

Zen Mama

And finally, a website that is a sound alternative to any of the paid weight loss/nutrition systems available.  Two years ago I lost 40 pounds by tracking my progress on this free site.  Did I forget to mention it’s FREE?

Spark People

I am back there once more to track my nutrition and hopefully lose some of my excess poundage.  The curious thing about my lifestyle is that, other than the month of December during which I seem to exist on holiday cheer, aka 3 food groups (butter, chocolate, sugar), the rest of the year I tend to under-eat.  I never realized this until I started tracking with Spark People.  Under-eating can seriously throw your metabolism and I actually become obese from eating too little during times I am also primarily sedentary from working 2 computer jobs.   Can you literally eat 1100 calories a day and remain obese?  Yes and I do.

People, including a doctor who asked me how I lost the 40 pounds, may look at you a bit strange when you say SparkPeople, like you are part of some interplanetary cult, but the site really does seem to have tools that work for anyone from triathletes to people considering bariatric surgery.  You can pick and choose the tools you need.

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