The Power of Solitude – My Valentine

Here is my Valentine for my daughter, a pendant I found in a store when I thought I was going to lose her several years ago, just as true today:

If I know what Love is, it is because of you.”

This year, she gave me a Spanish class Valentine: “Mama – Todo Mi Amor, from Your Little Awesomeness” and then asked, “Do you notice how I complimented myself while praising you?”  She’s too smart for words.

And here is my Valentine for all the single parents out there and millions of unpartnered people who may spend this day putting another hatch mark on their wall of lonely Valentine Days.  My daughter tells me girls in her 5th grade class without boyfriends are already doing this – counting the years they are alone.  Wow, is that cultural message sad.  I celebrate today in contented solitude reflecting on all the compassion for others in my heart.

A beautiful video poem:


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2 Responses to The Power of Solitude – My Valentine

  1. RWArnold says:

    Wow, so poignant Erin. A mother’s love has no method of measure, that is my guess. Father’s too I suppose, though in a diminished way. regards, RWA

  2. Wow I am saddened to think of our girls counting all the way back from 5 th grade :(. Hmm, we’re going to have to change this one daughter at a time.

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