Snow Fairies and Chinese Coins

Snow Fairies:  Overnight we received a single inch of snow that turned every tree lace like and as I walked in the woods showered me with snow fairies.  Of course I may be too old to believe in them, but watching and feeling the flashes of ice needles surround me as the sun caught them through the cedars was nothing short of magic.

Chinese Coins:  For any knitters out there, this week I discovered a fabulous stitch I never saw before that really looks like Chinese coins.  It is in a free scarf/shawl pattern posted below that is probably copyrighted (so please don’t sue me if I say it is by Shui Kuen Kozinski).

My surplus yarn supply filled 2 giant tubs and probably was valued at more than any of my other earthly possessions.  It was collected mostly before I became a parent, life got crazy, and I got poorer.  I was able to give a chunk of the stash to a local elementary school teacher going to the Dominican Republic after the earthquake to bring art supplies to a women’s cooperative.  Running across this easy to memorize, beautiful pattern reminded me of my intention to use the remainder for “comfort shawls” for hospitals.  Having been comforted myself by a hospital “prayer scarf” in a time of extreme duress, I know how important these tokens can be.  So once again, every moment I watch TV, a movie or wait in a doctor’s office, the needles are coming out.

Pattern Stitches: 
3/3 RC (6 stitches cable cross) Sl 3 st to cable needle and hold to back, k3, then k3 from cable needle.
Coin lace: pass the 3rd st on your left hand needle over the first and second stitch on the left hand needle, then k 1, yarn over, k1.

Cast on 78 sts.  The first and last 4 sts of each row are knit.
Knit 4 rows and then work as following:

Row 1: k4, *k6, p2* 8 times, k10

Row 2, 4, 6 and 8: k4, *p6, k2* 8 times, p6, k4

Row 3: k4, * (coin lace 2 times, p2, 3/3 RC, p2) * 4 times, coin lace 2 times, k4

Row 5: same as row 1

Row 7: k4 * (coin lace 2 times, p2, k6, p2) * 4 times, coin lace 2 times, k4

Row 8 and all wrong side even rows: work as row 2.

Repeat rows 1-8 to desired length of the wrap, work row 1-4 one more time, k4 rows, bind off.

The 3/3 RC (6 stitches cable cross), cross every 8th row.
The double coin lace has 3 stitches in each coin, twisted (pass the third stitch over the first and second stitch) every 4th row.
The wrap is edged by 4 garter stitches on each side and 4 rows of garter stitch on each end.


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