World Geography Lesson

I explored home schooling my child in fall 2012, and after much thought decided to honor her wishes to remain in public school, while advocating for her above grade level status in almost every subject.  I think I was having temporary amnesia about what “stay at home Mom” means in my case.  Somehow working 60 hours a week from home computer does not mesh very well with creative, interactive lesson plans and field trips.  If quantum theory is correct that we may live multiple lives at once, then somewhere I am being provided for enough to work part-time, empowering myself and my girl with all sorts of exploratory home school activities.

She and I had fun dreaming up some lessons anyway, so I am going to post one here.  It is the sort of thing I wish I could have done in public school to learn geography instead of memorizing lists of country names on a handout.  Of course, way back then we had no Google, no Internet, no cell phones.  And yes, I even walked 2 miles to and from school each day.  In the scorching sun.  Oh, the drama.

World Geography 

1)  Measure the largest river in each country you study on Google Earth.  If a desert country without river, measure longest road.
2)  Use the river or road miles of a single country of choice as a PE exercise (1 lap around the track or swimming pool/lake = 1 mile on the map) over the school year, and see how many miles we rack up, plotting them on a paper World Map on our wall.
3)  Search for a clip of music from each country studied and make up a dance.
4)  Find a recipe from each country and make a few.
5)  Find a published author from each country and read something translated.
6)  Write a letter to a child in that country and ask her questions about her life.

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