Intuitive Experiences – No Crystal Ball, Smoke, Mirrors

Self acceptance is hard work.  It can only be done alone, inside the expanse of our own psyche.  I continue to work daily at accepting my physical self, which is a lifelong struggle.  But over the past few years during circumstances providing much solitude, I have been coming to terms with a non-physical aspect of myself.  Through several people, I gained support for the awareness I am highly intuitive.

I recently had the opportunity to complete some coaching with an intuitive and beautiful person also named Erin, who offers periodic scholarships to work with her:  Erin-Ashley Coaching.  She is professional, organized and spot on.  She provided helpful tools for me to find my own answers for my specific issues.  She helped me appreciate the following:

  • Be authentic.  People can receive intuitive information differently.  If you are someone who does not spontaneously see angels or spirit guides or auras or spinning chakras, work with what you perceive.
  • Practice.  The more you seek answers to questions or confusion in your life in a grounded manner at a soul level, the more you can expand intuitive information you receive.
  • Act on information you receive, and you will continue to receive information.

Fear of what others may think has kept me from acknowledging just how much information I get.  I used to dismiss or deny this connection to a deeper wisdom, at great cost.  I have received information through images (clairvoyance), deep knowing (claircognizance), sensing emotions (clairsentience), and a few instances of hearing (clairaudience) throughout my life.  Automatic writing and meditation are my most powerfully accessible channels.  As soon as I started to honor this sensitivity, akin to being innately tuned to a specific radio frequency between channels on the normal dial, instead of running away from it, my priorities are shifting where I am exploring guiding my life with the wisdom obtained and staying open to wait for answers to my largest life problems.  I have not gotten where I want to be yet in my ability to work with and act on my intuition.  I believe when I do, the biggest “gaps” in my life will fill in.

There are groups that call this type of sensitivity “Highly Sensitive Personality” trait (HSP – Elaine Aron coined phrase).  According to people who have devoted careers to studying this sort of thing, about 15% to 20% of humanity carry this trait.  This does not necessarily mirror the Myers-Briggs personality scheme, because people who are highly sensitive are not all introverted, shy types.  Many can be outgoing and use their sensitivity to benefit others and fit into a wide range of interactions.

I am skeptical enough not to swallow anything and everything someone who claims to be psychic tells me, and I am especially wary of any “proof” that is image driven because photos/video can be so easily manipulated.  I believe in the scientific method for understanding our physical reality.  I also see that new understanding in neuroscience (study of the brain), physics (unifying theory like string theory), and mathematics (multiple dimensions simultaneously occurring) go a long way toward possibly explaining how some of this intuitive phenomena can occur.  It is commonly accepted humans use only a small percentage of our brain capacity, and it is understood human sense perception (eyes, ears, nose, touch) can usually perceive only a tiny portion of existing light spectrum, sound waves, etc.  Wouldn’t it make sense that some extremely sensitive among us perceive beyond these minuscule parameters?

The more people I meet who have these experiences, the more I accept my own and the less I question my own sanity.

Here are a few out of countless examples of intuitive phenomena from my life:

  • Extremely vivid, repetitive dreams for most of my youth, some from as young as age 2, which I remember to this day.
  • “Meeting” someone virtually a year before I met him in person.  Sometimes this is called a “psychic download” where images/sounds are received about a person.  In this case, I have yet to understand what to do with this information, but the experience was overwhelming and intense.
  • A ‘spirit dream’ while in Japan where I watched an elderly man I did not know flash frame by frame in front of me, younger and younger until he was an infant.  In the dream, I experienced emotional states from each phase of his life.  I later was shown a photo of this man, no longer alive, who had owned the home in which I was staying.
  • Precognitive dreams of natural disasters (the one I can most correlate to known reality is of a scene from the 2011 Japan earthquake 24 hours before it happened).
  • Knowing I had to drive my daughter to school instead of her letting her take the bus for the only time all year, returning home to learn the school was in a lockdown mode due to a potential threat.
  • Flipping jobs (PT to FT and FT to PT) based on intuitive information.
  • Focusing thought energy on 2 specific children not consciously thought of or contacted in years during my daughter’s cancer journey, wondering what happened to them, then presented with answers a few days later in ways beyond statistical probability.  One was a child who happened to be scheduled for annual hospital checkup the same time as my daughter’s appointment last week (I had spontaneously rescheduled her followup which coincided with this child’s), and the other came through my job queue – a job on this specific child I had not known was even remotely associated with my account.  I cannot begin to express how many variables would have been involved to allow me to transcribe this report.  Ethics mandate I not reach out to this family despite wanting to reconnect.  I know too much to be comfortable hiding it.
  • Whenever I transcribe death summaries in hospitals, I take a moment to look at the person’s name, wish their spirit well, and often receive flashes of details about that person.
  • Dreaming of a snake surrounding my daughter, only to find the next day she returned to me with a giant stuffed snake from the zoo.

It is my sincere hope this extra sensitivity can be compatible with healthy, balanced close relationships, because so far I have tended toward receiving so much input about whomever I am close to that I can become subsumed by their energy/needs.  I enjoy being alone much of the time, but times when alone means lonely require a drink from the cup of bravery and onward ho!

There are obvious downsides to knowing too much.  I hope to embrace the positive aspects to this gift and learn how to be less overwhelmed and more appreciative of intuitive flashes as a GPS for my life.

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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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