Recent Movies I Enjoyed

I tend toward off the beaten path films probably because my life feels off the beaten path.  Thought I’d share a few films that spoke to me in case you like them too:

The Way

I liked this film because I have spent a good part of the past few years dreaming of a long distance walking trek (until I mowed the lawn today for the first time since fall and realized how out of shape I have become – all the more reason to keep the dream alive! – just change the name to Blob Walking).  I like the walking pace of the film with silent spots, the cinematic scenery across Europe of course, and some great characters.

The Art of Getting By

Obviously George is an HSP like me (see previous post on Highly Sensitive Persons).  I like George’s response when Sally asks him what he was like as a kid.  Something like, “I was a much better version of me than I am now,” and he remembers the exact moment when it all changed.

That’s how growing up felt to me, only instead of a moment of becoming fatalistic about everything being pointless, when I became aware of the massive suffering of the world (around age 11 to 12?) something shifted and I became absolutely terrified of growing up because I felt compelled to do something to solve all the suffering and thought I’d fail.  Still haven’t figured that one out – how a person comes to terms with doing only the smidge we each can do to address suffering in our lifetime.  And still haven’t figured out how to grow up really.  Like him, I was talented at something at a young age (art for him, piano for me) but did not know how to fit that part of me into my public school surroundings and felt almost ashamed/embarrassed about being good at something so out of sync with everyone around me.

Anyhow, I mostly like the character study in the film, and the only thing that seemed really off was Sally’s lame reaction to seeing his painting at the end.  Come on!  Ask any girl/woman how they would react, and it wouldn’t be that.


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