Cultural Creatives

Look at this beautiful project co-created by one of the thousands of folks in my Agents of Conscious Evolution trainings, from the birthplace of my dear grandmother who left Berlin in 1929 to come to the US.

Cultural Creatives

If anyone who reads this and resonates with it and is tired of feeling alone, you can  sign up to participate in the life-changing ACE process with Barbara Marx Hubbard.  It is never too late, because each training module stands on its own.  Here is the link for that:  Agents of Conscious Evolution Course

Through the processes, readings, and meditations, I am receiving information that is helping me find my way with my piece of purpose, and while I do not know how it will all come together at this point (financially, logistically), it is truly awakening to be a part of the process and so affirmed as part of the whole movement toward a “universal humanity.”


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