Hubs = Hope For Future

Someone said something in my course the other night.  “I’m convinced the next Avatar for our society will be a collective, not an individual.”

I have to agree.

Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, MLK, so many others have sustained our collective consciousness this far.  Now there are huge rumblings around the world striving to cope with huge problems.

Everywhere I turn, the model of Hubs and collective circles is springing up.  Barbara Marx Hubbard’s teachings of which I am a student attracts the 45-90 crowd (in particular predominantly 50+ women), while there are 2 organizations I have encountered that address a younger group.  They are all working on the models of the wheel with the Hub at its center, realizing the power of many awakened is greater than the power of one.

David Nicol, the creator of this project led a meditation on my class’s conference phone call with 200+ that was the most powerful thing I have ever experienced.  Truly palpable collective energy.   Subtle Activism

Hubs for 16-30 year-olds:  Generation Waking Up

A very powerful guided meditation series I am using to heal myself and seek further guidance for a map to get from where I am to where I want to be.

The Re-Awakening

I have communicated with Angela off and on over the past year, and believe she is truly a gift to the world.  This product she co-created is a great transformational healing tool, and my only criticism is the website looks like all those other “scams” out there that make huge promises but don’t deliver.  This is different.  Really.  And I’m not getting paid to say that.

I have already received guidance on my vision for creating a foundation called “Healing Outdoors” that brings parents/caregivers of children requiring hospital time into reconnection with the natural world.  I just need to know how to get from where I am to making that my life work.  It is Part 1 of a longer term vision of walking the entire distance of the United States (with others along the way) to raise funds for pediatric cancer research and emotional support for caregivers.





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