Societal Loneliness and New Economy Merge

Okay.  I saw this and could not help but comment.  You can now Rent a Friend.

Rent a Friend

At first glance, it seems the antidote to a life lived in near isolation in front of a computer (mine), and I could even earn a few bucks while meeting people, but I do have a few concerns.

1)  The site says they have “very strong stance on physical contact,” “there is no physical contact at all,” and that it is strictly platonic.  I could not help but note that every single photo shows people touching one another.  Platonically.  Could one person’s platonic touch be another’s not platonic?

2)  Apparently the claim is you can earn $480/week working only 3 days a week renting yourself out as a friend.  Now that’s if you charge $20/hr.  If you charge $50/hr it’s $1200/week.  Is this the unemployment solution the White House has yet to endorse?

3)  How do you decide whether your friendship on a particular day is worth $20 or $50?  I know there are days I might be so grouchy to be around, I might as well pay someone else to tolerate me.  Do you give PMS or midlife crisis discounts?

4)  If you need to rent yourself out or hire a friend for money, is this really a friendship?

I’m all for friendship, but seriously?  Maybe it works for some wandering around in a strange city or learning pottery (as they advertise), and more power to you, but this seems to me exactly what is wrong with every spiritual group I have encountered that puts a price on enlightenment.  Clearly if I have less than $2000 to learn the teachings, I will experience at most mere flashes of brilliance and wander aimlessly for life.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a different time.  When a friend was a friend and enlightenment was attainable by communing with higher consciousness, not a bank.



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