System Failure in Brave New Connected World

Within hours of the annular eclipse of May 20, 2012, my company’s entire technology infrastructure went caput.  Coincidence or not, it is not an exaggeration to say this system failure is impacting in the  range of million(s) of people today (thousands of employees,  their families, thousands of hospitals served, tens of thousands of patients served).

I am willing to work all night to help lessen any impact on patient care once the system is restored, but now 15 hours after the crash and still down, the entire idea of this network failure has given me pause to wonder.  Sabotage?  Virus?  Complexities overloading system?

In due time, I am sure answers will be forthcoming, but as of now the company’s website is nonfunctional, the internal e-mail system is down resulting in news spread only via personal e-mail.

I wonder what the implications for the medical transcription industry are when one of its largest partners is brought to its knees. Companies plan for failure, and this is the first time something this big has happened to mine.

Ironically, the only part of the emergency system that does work at present is the ability for care providers to dictate their reports.   All of us diligent staff on the other end can only imagine the workload waiting for us at whatever point this challenging time ends.  My heart goes out to all the support staff working the problem.

It is indeed a brave new world when many families across the country are dependent upon income derived from a system of servers that have the potential to fail.


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