Resources for Tapping Higher Mind

In my work toward expanding my awareness of consciousness, manifesting a vision of a vocation, and subtle healing modalities, I find myself wanting to be able to absorb information faster than with my eyes.   Maybe consciousness is evolving in that direction?

Here are some resources I am finding helpful.

Freeing the Genie Within

Here is an affirming Mantra from the book:

I am worthy of absolute respect by right of my presence as a living, breathing being, and I will remain true to myself even in the presence of those who have not yet learned this fact.

I am currently appreciating the wisdom of Chapter 10:  Havingness vs. Limits – How High Can You Go?

To recognize the limits we place on our lives can be empowering.


The Intuition Principle

The hardest part about getting started with intuition is learning to recognize the voice of intuition over that of your own thoughts and trusting what you get.

The more you disassemble the belief that you have to fight for what you want and realize that reality emanates from within each of us, the more the Universe will provide exactly what you need when you need it.


Where Body Meets Soul

I have ordered this book and intend to read it, but I feel intuitively this is a powerful resource that may help me in my overall vision to create a support foundation for caregivers.


Here is a little anecdote from my life that perfectly illustrates all the above in action:

Today I had the intention to spend my only half day off work all week writing down the introduction for a website for my Healing Outdoors foundation.  I wanted to do this outdoors, of course, away from a computer, so I stopped at a farmer’s market on the way to my favorite trail to write.  I had written the sentence “I invite botanists, nurses, therapists, healing professionals, outdoors enthusiasts to communicate with me as this foundation to support caregivers of children in hospitals evolves.”

Here is what happened:

1)  The only people who sat down with me at a public table in a busy farmer’s market happened to be a husband/wife team of professors at 2 nursing programs in Seattle.  I learned they spend summers near me and will keep in touch.

2)  On the trail, a group of 10 botanists and herbalists happened to cross my path, listened to my foundation idea, gave me contact information and simultaneously said “Good Luck with your idea!”

How’s that for immediate feedback from Universe?!  No webpage required. : )

~ ~ ~

I can just hear all the skeptics I know telling me coincidence and synchronicity can be explained by statistical analysis and random, infrequent events that occur as part of life.  The reason I believe a higher consciousness is tapped is that synchronous events matching outer circumstances to my intention consistently happen only after I have stated (usually silently focusing my energy or in writing) something led by a heart purpose – something that will benefit others and their hearts.


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