Awesomeness Economics

A co-creation with an awesome 11-year-old dictated to me:

How it all started:

“I saw Mr. (Fabulous public school music teacher) driving a really beat-up old car.  If he was paid for the difference he makes in so many kids lives, he should be driving a Cadillac.”

I think we need a new system of economics.

Q:  What would that be?

A:  A system where people would earn money based on how awesome they are.

Q:  What would be the criteria for awesomeness?

A:  Four things:  1) Caring, 2) Kindness, 3) How good a friend you are, 4) Helpfulness

Q:  Who would give out the money and who would rank people?

A:  Everyone on earth would be divided into groups of 100 people they live near.  Each group would have one treasurer to handle the money.  Everyone would get a certain amount to live on for food and shelter.  The 100 people groups would vote twice a year giving up to 5 stars for the 4 criteria to everyone in their group.  The votes would be counted, and the people with 5 stars in all 4 would be the wealthiest in the community, 4 stars a bit less, etc.

Q:  So what would people do for jobs?

A:  They would have basic needs taken care of, so they would focus on jobs that help the other 99 in their group.  Like skills that can build houses, plant food, make things, teach young children.  That way, the ones who are least awesome (most abusive/mean) will at first be less wealthy but will be supported in changing by the more awesome.  They also would have a lot less stress on them to get by, so maybe they would be less mean.  No one could become a millionaire without helping many other people.

Q:  What would you call this economic plan?

A:  Awesomeness Economics!


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