Frog in Shower

Care for a Pacific Tree Frog


This little guy greeted me this morning (not my pic), on the wall of my shower.  Before I put my glasses on, I thought the dark blob on the shower wall was one of the large wolf spiders we get around these parts, so I ran for a container to put it  in to take him outside.

Better eyesight revealed the dark blob to be instead a Pacific green tree frog, and though I do not have a fear of spiders, my emotion went from “ugh” to “aw, how cute!”  They seem so intelligent looking at you with their little eyes.  Hopefully he is happier on a bed of leaves in my yard.  Does he know he happens to be the official Washington State amphibian?

How he arrived in my bathroom is a mystery.  Perhaps he hitched a ride on a painter’s shoe (the house where I live is being painted).

I enjoy visitors from the dander-free animal world since I’m so deadly allergic to every fur or feather-bearing critter.

Thanks for making my day, little frog!


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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