Forgiveness Project

I learned about The Forgiveness Project today through the Summer of Peace Resources, and hope the project makes its way across the US.

A question keeps recurring for me:  What is the relationship between trauma and quantum leaps in consciousness?

I see ways in which various groups in our society come through mass-scale generational PTSD (post-traumatic stress) – African Americans with slavery, Native Americans from decimation/destruction of culture, the mass killings of Jews as a result of Nazi doctrine (the example I share in my lineage), the killing fields of Pol Pot in Cambodia, the Tibetan culture exiled, and the list goes on and on across time.

Then I see the effect of a series of traumas in my own life – the effect was paradoxical.  Prior to these events, I had felt alone, cynical about humanity, and guarded.

Through trauma, my heart was blown wide open to receive spirit, I glimpsed the membrane between this side and beyond, and I was shown without a shred of doubt the golden side of humanity in crisis.  The golden part of humanity is why the Red Cross exists, why all sorts of volunteers reach out to address suffering.

Not everyone can forgive, but the act of trying seems to bring people to a higher plane.


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