I want to share a visually and aurally stunning project in the works that anyone can become part of as it evolves this year.  An online unveiling will happen 12/12/12, and then the artistic installation will tour the world in 2013.

The Messengers Event

Proceeds from this project will go to children’s charities, and when I mentioned this to my daughter she said, “Great, because we ARE the future don’t you know?”

I have never been a collector or thinker much about angels, which are found in some form in nearly every human culture, but I have reflected often on the presence of people in my life that can best be described as guardian angels because they arrived for such specific purpose and synchronicity and then were gone.

Learning of the Messengers project made me remember a stunning experience I had in 2005 that has stayed in some place in my mind/soul ever since.   I was in an elevator with only one other woman, a complete stranger to me, and as the doors were about to open, she said these words, “I can tell by looking at you, you are an angel here to help people.”

I remember a friend who saw me after this encounter told me I looked pale and shaken, but at the time I dismissed it as wondering possibly if the woman was mentally ill or if she may say that to everyone in elevators.  Later, I thought, does it matter why she said it?  The thing that matters is I heard it loud and clear.  And I started to wonder ever since what the world would look like if we all believed our purpose was to be angels for one another.

Anyway, that is my personal “angel story,” but it sounds like many inspiring stories will be incorporated into this event encompassing spiritual and human experience beyond angels.  The artist’s vision is grand, and I look forward to seeing it evolve.


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