Synchronicity and a Sigh

I have 2 cassette tapes recorded on a Walkman (remember those?) as the only evidence of the energy I poured into piano from age 7-20.

About a year ago, I loaned one of said cassettes to a teacher of a class and never got it back.   I did not think much of it, because that part of who I was does not feel connected to the part I am.   Until an amazing synchronicity happened:

The only day of the year I picked up my daughter from school (instead of bus), this teacher happened to be parked next to my car.  And guess what she was doing at the moment I pulled up beside her car?  Writing a card to me with the cassette inside.

I take all improbable synchronicities, especially big ones, to be signs of something being important.  A message to take notice.  Listen.

Here for your listening pleasure is one of the pieces of music on my Walkman recording, a lovely interpretation by an unknown performer, linked to beautiful images.  It is a piece by Franz Liszt called Un Sospiro (“A Sigh,” possibly the longest sigh on earth if you ask a pianist).




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1 Response to Synchronicity and a Sigh

  1. Thanks so much for sharing that. I decided to listen to it before getting out of bed today – what a lovely way to wake up :).

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