Women Who Do Too Much

I am participating in a few weeks of friendly competition within my company that any group of people can do to get motivated to work more steps into your day:   Start Walking Now

The pedometer I received last Christmas finally made it out of the packaging, and I am surprised how many steps I can actually take in the course of a day piddling around the house.  When you start being aware, you start planning a wider circle to the stove or the bed or the fridge.

In the process of getting to know my five-member team of randomly assigned women from around the country, one thing has become self evident.  We ALL need to read the book I have never read because I’ve said I’ve been too busy:

Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much - Revised edition


I should not be advertising a book I have not read, but it has been recommended to me before, and I was stunned to find by a sampling of women in my group how epidemic working ourselves to exhaustion and over-committing ourselves really is.


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1 Response to Women Who Do Too Much

  1. swatibharteey says:

    A) I must get this book and B) My husband just started using a FITBIT (it’s like a pedometer) and we too were both amazed at how many steps we take each day already. He is trying to 10,000 each day.

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