When People From Your Past Do Good

You know when you grow up around someone, and they become part of the  backdrop of who you became?  They are like furniture in the mind at the “growing up room.”  I don’t know if this has happened to you, but you may discover a few people from your past who are doing amazing things in the world.  When you knew them, they were seedlings of their present self.  It is so inspiring and rewarding when you encounter these people contributing their piece of amazing to the world, because maybe you saw it all along.

Here is one such person who grew up with me, went to grade school with me, and taught me a lot, though I have lost connection with him over the years.

We all are amazing.  Some of us just take more time to believe that and do something about it.  So next time you doubt yourself, take a look around the furniture of your mind for seedlings of your own greatness that others may have seen but you missed.


Mother Nature Network – Green Media and Technology Blog


Karl Burkart – The Solutions to Climate Change Are Within Our Grasp




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