Meandering Manifesting

Intention Mandala

Over the past few weeks, I have participated in a prequel to the workshop called Create Your Abundance Now with Angela Artemis.  I have followed Angela’s writing for the past year and love her clear, concise approach to stuff many call “woo-woo.”

Manifesting is big business right now.  Really big.  People want to learn how to manifest everything they desire right now.   They want to believe it is possible to put a clear intention out to The Universe and get a measurable response.

Here are a few of my reflections on this process as I look over my life.

I am a “fuzzy manifester.”  Signals get crossed.  I believe sincerely that our signals are powerful, but am aware my intention statements lack concrete focus.  And here is why:  My analytical mind is too strong.  I think of the analytical mind as something a bit separate from ego, but related.  Here is what Mr. A-Mind does with the 4 basic quadrants of life (health, finances, relationships, spirituality).

Intention:  I want to have financial abundance in the form of purpose-driven work in the world that benefits others and excites me daily; to pay my bills AND have enough spending money to participate in activities I enjoy and provide fuel for my child’s joy.

Mr. A-Mind:

Okay, I see how much more relaxed you would feel with all this financial abundance.

Hmmm. . . but what you really want at this time in your life is supportive relationship(s).  A person/people you feel safe confiding in your deepest thoughts and dreams.  Calm and compassionate support  for your day to day life.  Having that support would make you less concerned about your finances and more empowered to do your work in the world.

Hmmm. . . but to attract that kind of support, you need to be in better health.  You know, lose that 40 pounds that reappear every time you push through the stress of another multi-job cycle to pay your single parent bills.  That darn lack of financial abundance again!  Who cares if a bill is paid?  You can still walk 10 miles a day and stop bringing ice cream home No Matter What.

Hmmm. . . but isn’t the intangible the most important of all?  The glue that holds it all together?  Your spiritual growth is where it’s at, girl.  If you focus on spirit, all else will be in perspective.  You don’t need financial abundance.  Or even other people to support you.  A long cool drink of spirit is all you need.


This is more than chicken-and-egg.  This is a 4-headed chicken chasing its tail feathers.

Here are some real life effects of fuzzy manifesting that shows how powerful negative intentions can be:

1)  As a child, I remember saying the only job I would never want to do is to work in hospitals.  They creeped me out.

Effect:  I have spent the last 20 years of my life working in or for hospitals, and even living in one for much of a year.

2)  As a child, I always said I never wanted to have children when I grow up.

Effect:  I have the child more perfect for me than I could ever dream up, and I had to work hard to keep her here.

3)  Ever since I can remember, I felt material things are undesirable, do not bring happiness and are less important than intangible (music, spirit, peace, community, creativity).

Effect:  I have been the recipient of so many material things at this point in my life, I do not know what to do with them.  I mean, really, does a person need 3 couches, 2 TVs and 4 beds?  I live in a “dream home” that is not owned by me, and out of every material possession in said home, the only ones I selected are a fish tank and a mattress with bedding.  Literally everything else in the home has been gifted to me or rented to me.  My child’s entire bedroom was furnished by Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Even the old car I drive was gifted to me.

What does all this mean?  I need to give A-Mind a vacation, clear the clutter, and get to work creating a single clear intention to put out into the world.  Stay tuned for the manifestation to begin.


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2 Responses to Meandering Manifesting

  1. Hi Erin, Ah yes, Monkey Mind at work! Just a tip – I haven’t even thought much about manifesting. It seemed to me that connecting to spirit and discovering where all my weaknesses were came first. It can be a long and arduous process or…it can be a process of happy discovery. After all, when we find something unpleasant about ourselves it is better to know than not know. If you realize that you are supported every step of the way and are never alone, then that is great knowledge. Plus you have all of us out here rooting for you with lots of love 🙂

    • Erin W says:

      Ah, thanks for your kindness and astute message, Julie. Much is written about manifesting by raising your vibration to the thing(s) you want, but the level I live is “I’m thirsty” and manifesting a glass of water. : )

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