Fall Harvest Day Trip Paid for Itself

It was a gorgeous fall day, so I took my niece and daughter on a 90-minute drive to the next county’s farmland.

On the way up North, the gas was 10 cents per gallon cheaper, so I saved $1 on a tank fill.  Then, after much circling around the luscious back roads of my favorite scenery, I finally found a farm I had visited last fall by serendipity.  Of course, I refuse to equip myself with GPS/iPhone, so I find things by serendipity and prefer it that way.

I highly recommend this farm’s produce to anyone nearby, and promise you the trip will pay for itself:  Pleasant Ridge Farm.  They use an honor system of payment with a metal box in which you insert the cash/check.  Who does that nowadays?

Here is what we got for $24:

10 carrots

6 red potatoes

2 large cucumbers

1 red onion, 1 white onion

2 shallots

12 fresh Jonagold apples from their orchard

1 acorn squash

1 huge spaghetti squash

5 small decorative gourds

4 pink pearl apples grown in their orchard (amazing fruit that has bright pink flesh, tastes great, and keeps its color when cooked)

2 large sweet pears

A carving pumpkin for Halloween (each pumpkin is $5, no matter the weight!)

~ ~ ~

My niece bought a beet the size of her head for 50 cents.

They also have pasteurized fresh cider for $10/gallon, many bags of beautiful dried lentils, beans, and soup makings, and jars of fresh honey.

Enjoy the harvest!  (photo below courtesy of her)

Pink Pearl Apple Aug 2010 0001_1


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