My Only Political Statement

Repealing the Affordable Health Care Act will disastrously affect women and children most.   If you care about women and children, I urge you to vote.

This is such an important issue affecting the $6 million of us not previously insured, that care providers whose jobs generally require a politically neutral stance urged preservation of the Affordable Health Care Act at a symposium I attended yesterday titled Pediatric Moving Beyond Cancer to Wellness.  The act’s origins might surprise you:   Romneycare template for Obamacare

People like my daughter, a Big C survivor, with the “mother of all pre-existing conditions” at the start of her life, and me, a 40-something woman enjoying for the first time free preventive health care under the current act, need to vote for the law.

Never mind the comments by “team rape”:  Colbert on rape comments

Or the fact that 60% of voters are women.

Just vote like you don’t own me.


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