Ecology and Economy

How beautiful to encounter this interview today.  I was just reflecting on how close to the margin of survival many of us are in while living inside the “largest economy on earth.”  The razor edge is made painfully evident in New York City when people with no cash currency but instead WIC cards (Women, Infant, Children) or other federal food program must starve when a storm disables the electric grid.

Or how unless I work myself beyond my natural ability to care for my physical/emotional being, I wake up every day worried about how to pay the next utility bill and buy food even though I am fully employed.  Choosing to work for an employer for the privilege of using 1/4 of my take-home pay for health insurance premiums for myself and child rather than take a different job that would give me more cash for utilities and bills but no insurance.

I have never until this video considered the idea of financial currency equated with ATP in our cells that provides our energy and then recycles itself into its precursors to be used again, but that would be a much more brilliant way to make an economy than what we currently live!

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