Mindfulness for the Computer

I have been spiraling into that seasonal affective disorder thing (SAD) we often get in these northern parts where less and less light and vitamin D enters our cells.  So, when I encountered this little mind-clearing gem to add to my workday, I thought I would pass it along:  Thich Nhat Hanh Mindfulness Bell

Interesting the celebration of gratitude (T-day) comes during a time in the natural world it is easiest to slip into depression and apathy.  I make a daily practice of focus on all I am grateful for and generally preserve a positive outlook.  But sometimes this optimism can act as a cloud from being able to see with clarity that there is a lot of crummy stuff going on.

I can choose to see my world in terms of the strengths I bring to it and the gifts others bestow on me, or that pretty much nothing is working the way I would like.  My biggest realization is how rare are the times I feel actually alive.  I look back on times I did/do (always outdoors) and wonder if this is the limit of what life has for me.  If my end came soon, I would look back on those times and feel immense gratitude.  That is what most of us want, I believe.  To feel we are alive, not know the meaning of life.  And then I wake up to another morning where I can take baby shifts toward a life mindful of its own force.


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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