Birthday/Holiday Wish List

Each year, my immediate family and spouses pull a single adult’s name from a hat to gift (this year my brother created a small computer program to do so).  And we all freely gift any children in the family, with of course, no limits on spousal gifting.   This requires us to post a wish list for everyone to view, even though we do not know who will be responsible for filling an item on the list.

In advance, knowing my present state of living on financial fumes, I notified my mystery recipient that my gift will need to be intangible.  A year’s worth of daily prayers perhaps?  A musical piece from my rusty pianist abilities?  Yet another batch of holiday homemade cookies?  And unless the receiver would like to have yet another scarf made from scrap yarns, the pressure  to be struck by creative brilliance is great.  There is still a month to go, and miracles indeed do happen.

Now my birthday and my child’s birthday fall in December (Go Sags!), so this means we have the double whammy of providing for winter holidays and birthdays combined.

In that vein, since most of my wishes are intangibles, I thought I would post my list in the event that something might happen to change my situation simply by putting it out to the handful of readers beyond the handful of adults in my family.

  • An 8-quart pot with lid for pasta/soups, etc.
  • Grocery gift cards
  • Help planting a vegetable garden in the raised beds and/or constructing rabbit/deer proof structures to be able to do so.  Anyone who helps would be welcome to the resulting produce in 2013.
  • With so many professionals among you, any offerings of insights, assistance or leads you can provide for finding new job path, new opportunities for me to break the $21,000/year income sound barrier — a new low with my industry unsustainable trends.  The only way in the past I have been able to hover around $30,000/yr is by working 60-70 hours/week for much of a year, but I no longer have the will to sustain this lifestyle.  It is cumulative pressure over a decade of living this way that I need to get past.  I suppose I would not mind working 60 hrs/week if it was doing something I could passionately engage with or involved a “paid” commute.
  • Referrals for a wholesome roommate to help defray utility costs in such a large home.  I could not ask for better or more generous landlords, but I wonder if relocating to something smaller may help me attain further help from others because it would reflect more accurately my actual station in life.  If you happen to see the “perfect” small place for me and mine, please let me know.
  • Coffee (any good ground dark roast, but especially love Callie’s Coffee because it’s fabulous tasting and provides a few dollars for Ben Towne Foundation)
  • These books or similar ones looking at scientific exploration of spirit/consciousness/subtle energy:
  1. Proof of Heaven
  2. Life Force, The Scientific Basis: Breakthrough Physics of Energy Medicine, Healing, Chi, and Quantum Consciousness
Love to all as we head toward 2013.

About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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2 Responses to Birthday/Holiday Wish List

  1. Robert Arnold says:

    Been a long while since I read one of your posts, though I kept the blog in my computer’s scene. I applaud your desire to cut your hours back… life is too short. Just a thought, if you moved closer to a more urban setting… Wouldn’t 5 students a day (for a 30 to 45 minute lesson) at $20-25 per lesson yield you more than 24K a year, assuming you could orchestrate 25 students taking piano lessons, be more rewarding (albeit, possibly a temporary career shift). I imagine you would be a great teacher? Food for thought. Perhaps you could supplement that with an ~ 10 hour a week of your current medical reporting gig, which I have heard pays terribly for the work involved. Good luck, Bob A

    • Erin W says:

      Hey Bob! Thanks for the suggestions. I had not considered teaching piano, though I have to beginners many years ago. Thing is, I’d need to do a lot of reeducation on my own to be able to teach it again. But great ideas to open my mind! Hope you are well, and good luck back at you.

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