Off Grid Living Dream

This article and interview with Nick Rosen, the author of Off The Grid got me thinking.

I am not anti-government as a whole as far as it is essential for infrastructure we all use, and I am a believer in local community safety nets to best meet local needs.

I do not own a laptop, land, a solar panel, nor have I ever built anything other than sweaters and lots of invisible music with my own two hands.

Yet, the dream of living off grid is something close to my heart.  It speaks to me especially as I am currently weighing taking a leave of absence from my job in order to address stress-related issues.

Once on a road trip across the plains states with my grandparents as a child, I saw a small cabin in the middle of a large field and told my grandma, “I want to grow up to be a hermit and live there.”  She looked at me with an expression of horror and said, “Why would you ever want that?”

I plan to read the stories of those who are moving toward off-grid lives, and find it interesting that the author mentions community in the same sentence as off-grid and that creating a village of off-gridders is his dream.  Nothing new with the idea of communal living, but it seems to me this trend is a bit different and “The existence of the Internet has made living off the grid a real choice and a real possibility for so many people.”


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