I am a believer in signs when they happen in multiples with synchronicity.  This week’s sign was lemons.  Go figure.

During my day off work I went for a long winter beach walk.  Tumultuous dark clouds, pounding foamy surf, and high tides.  You know, winter in the Pacific Northwest.  After 2 hours on the beach, what did I see before me?  You guessed it.  A lemon.  Bright as sun, shiny and intact on a patch of sand above the tide line.

I go home, brush mud off pants, make a cup of tea, and turn on the TV.  What appears first thing?  A woman talking about lemon chicken.

Then I check my e-mail.  First one I open is an invitation to the Lemon Ball in Pennsylvania, a fundraiser for Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

When I first saw the lemon completely out of context on the blustery beach, of course the first cliché that popped into my mind was, “What do you do when life gives you lemons?”

I think I am supposed to be answering that question.

Immediately following the lemon signs, I was also flooded with many pieces of information about doing the work you love in the world– something if I was actually doing would transform my lemons into lemonade big time!  In the meantime this week, several promises of small income streams arrived at my door, so maybe this will be enough to allow me to get back on my feet and give me the strength I need to take a bigger leap of faith toward massive amounts of lemonade.

Here is some of that information in the form of an inspirational TED talk going viral at the moment, because so many people want change:


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  1. Yazminh AB says:

    The sparkles precede the magic! 😉

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