Birthday Cake

Ms. C. had a very specific request for a cake this year:  Lemon cake with raspberry filling, and butter cream frosting with half the cake vanilla, half chocolate.  Not sure how this vision came to her, but it did.

I could have gone all Betty Crocker mix with it, but what’s the fun (or flavor) in that?  In fact, it turns out in a parallel universe, another child in another family requested something eerily similar mentioned in a delightful blog.  As I do not own a camera, I hope they do not mind if I cross reference them here:  A Piece of Cake.  I too do not own round cake pans and made my cake in a 9 x 12 sheet.  I pieced together 3 different recipes, but the end result is similar.  Viewing their story made me yearn for days of my curly blond imp that is now a straight brown-haired “tween.”

As I was listening to music and mixing butter, sugar, eggs, I was flooded with memories of when we first landed on Whidbey Island when she was only 1 year old.  Our first place was a small A-frame rental in the woods, just right for us.  Somehow, even though days of raising a toddler are not easy, each parent seems to idolize them in retrospect.  The experience of wonder through a child’s senses, and absolute mommy power to console is like nothing that can be replicated at any other stage of life.  Maybe the magic of it lingers so that we hang in there through adolescent storms.

Aside from my financial situation requiring me to actually borrow money for the first time ever to be able to provide my own child a birthday gathering, making the cake is something that gave me great delight.  I mean, grating the rind off 6 lemons is a labor of love like no other.

Happy Birthday Ms. C.!  So fun to see who you are becoming.




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