Three Days of Love Pledge

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There is much to make us feel grief, sadness, and hopelessness in the world right now.  I could jump on the bandwagon and blog about the two-pronged narrative of gun control and mental health.  About how we can possibly find a way forward for a society that has a manic financial reality, huge unaddressed and financially unsupported mental health solutions, and the most armed citizenry in the world.

Instead, I will mention a pledge I took, which you can sign onto as something symbolic, something experimental, something aligned with your spiritual practice, or simply because you like committing to a large movement of people all focusing intently on Love.

Three Days of Love Pledge: December 20-22

I do not take this pledge lightly.  I have been struggling with depression and a sense of my own fragility lately, which in turn makes me tend toward irritability with those closest to me.  So now that I have pledged to speak and act only of and in Love for 3 days, I am trying this as an experiment to see how much I can shift my frame of reference in order to have every action and word, no matter how small, reflect Love– inclusive of self-love, which means compassion and patience toward myself as well as others.

You don’t need to believe that opening and healing your own heart makes a difference in the physical world “out there,” but it does not cost or hurt anyone to try.  We don’t know what we could accomplish if a tipping point of the earth’s human population focused at one time on any single thing, but if we try, I’d sure want that thing to be LOVE.


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