Happy Birthday Mozart

My grandfather came through to me today, and he was the biggest Mozart fan I have ever met.  Here’s what happened.  I can only get radio reception when in my car, and I do not drive much since I work from home and live walking distance to most things I need.

Tonight, after making herculean efforts (8 calls back and forth with all sorts of things working against us) to meet up with another “single parenting” friend for dinner, I was driving home and flipped on the radio to a classical music station, unusual, as it is usually set to my child’s choice of pop/rock.

Immediately I heard, “Today is Mozart’s birthday!” something not in my field of awareness, and then proceeded to hear a piece of 4-hands piano music that reached my heart and my 10-year-old self.  Sitting next to my grandfather on the piano bench, playing it time and again, working over challenging sections together until we were making music as one instrument.  In fact, this piece is the only I associate with him 100%, as I never heard it any other time played by or with anyone else in all my young music career.  Thanks for the visit, grandfather. . . and hope you were able to meet Mozart wherever you may be.

Here’s a lovely version in honor of Mozart’s birth.  This was recorded at the performer’s 90th birthday celebration (Prof. Ilona Vincze-Kraus).  To be that able at 90!


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