Too Good to Write

In my little corner of the universe, things have been going so well, I have been hesitant to write about them.  Like if I do put anything into words, the good juju will evaporate.

Over the past week our Earth was visited by a powerful chunk of debris from the darkness across the Thin Blue Line.  Anything could happen.  So maybe I should write.

I’m all about experiencing Earth as a wise organism lately with my studies in ecopsychology, and watching this amazing program full of new data left me with fresh awe:   Nova – Earth From Space

So. . . in the past few weeks I have left a job that had become like a paranoia machine with a time sheet that tracks my hands on keyboard, and got a new job that treats me like a human instead of a number for double the pay!  I renewed my business license for Speedyfingers Typing and Transcription and am henceforth working for myself.  Hallelujah!

Let’s see, what else?  Oh yes, I started singing in a women’s choir (with most women 20+ years my senior helping me feel oh so young), and it has been great fun to discover I have a voice.  Let me rephrase that.  I can read music.  The notes I read on the page are mostly not the ones that arise from my vocal cords, but nonetheless I get to actually hear my voice emerge after doing a job that requires 100% listening 8-10 hours each day.

Then. . . I have the best homework in the world!!  Aside from working 60 hours/week for 2 weeks while transitioning jobs, February has been all about  my online ecopsychology class where my homework is to reconnect with nature and journal about it with like-minded folks from around the world.

Now, somewhere between all this good has been coping with squirrels in my roof and a house-fly infestation of huge proportions (down to a single fly now), and all I can think is I must have been focusing so hard on wanting to be outside that the outside critters are coming in.

Next on my scheming of goodness is how to fund a master’s degree in ecopsychology and step away from the computer eventually to do paid work in the great outdoors.  But working for myself is an intermediate step that leaves me feeling I’m free!  I’m free!   Someday, maybe we’ll have the freedom from money thing worked out (Money and Life) and we can all live the way we are optimally human.  One project in the dream works is 30 days away from the computer to walk 10 miles a day and document what its effects are on my person.  A wee bit more realistic than my dream of taking a year to walk across the entire country.

Oh, and one last thing.  I finally figured out how to delete my Facebook account after not using it much for 2 years and am happy to take one more small step toward processing life a little less connected to all the noise. . .  Somehow everything feels a bit more like nature intended to step away from it all and process things apart from everyone’s fishbowl.  Here’s another person’s take on the process:   Life Without Facebook.

Whether you choose to stay virtually socially connected or directly socially connected, or both, here’s to goodness in your corner of the universe.


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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