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(Pic from a block away from me in spring 2011. . . stay tuned for this year’s lambs)

Last year I visualized change and abundance for myself.  Then I gave up, thinking all this spiritual mumbo jumbo is nice on paper but not observable in my reality.  No change was happening.  Oh how wrong I was!  Something definitely happened that I can choose to connect to months of visualizing abundance and greater satisfaction with my life or call a random roll of the dice.  I choose to connect it to all the groundwork in spirit.

Inspiration, aspiration, respiration, expiration all have the same root “spirare” (breath) and connect to the word Spirit in English.

Some of the changes in my life over the past few months include:  Going from a job in which I felt watched constantly and needed to work 60 hours/week in order to pay basic bills, to being self-employed and showered with more accounts than I can take, all offering me a third to double my prior income with giganto corporation.

By the way, “corporation” years ago meant “people united in a body for some purpose,” but my years of experience in the left big toe of one left me with a metaphor of a body whose appendages are suffering from gangrene because the  head and mouth is taking all the blood supply to feed itself.   Not only that, but the eyes constantly scan the appendages to make sure they get just enough blood flow to remain alive so the body can move, but not enough to be healthy.

Other changes for me are reconnection to music because I have funding and time to attend community concerts and be in a choir.  Then there is my discovery of the field of ecopsychology, the wonderful online class I am taking, and all the potential it holds for me to fill my spirit and direct my life path in nature’s direction.

My 25th college reunion is on the horizon in a few months, which I will be attending with the two 12-year-olds in my life, as they are ripe for seeing a college campus and enjoying a few days with the person in their life voted “most likely to take us outdoors.”  It is no accident that my school’s “College Outdoors” program was my favorite part of my education.

I’m not sure what to expect from a 25th reunion, as I have not kept in touch with many folks, and the ones I remember will probably be met with a clean slate, as a 40-something self and a 20-something self are different entities.  In fact, one person on the reunion committee called me encouraging me to register because she said “I remember exactly who you are!”  Oh really?  “You are blond, very athletic, and very outgoing.”  Ummm. . . Strike 3?  Chances are I will go into the reunion as invisible as I felt in my 20s when I held a 30-hour a week work study job delivering mail to the entire campus and wrote poems in the campus literary journal.  Invisible is my thing.  And that’s okay.  I don’t need fanfare to be happy in this life.

A few snippets since the last blog:

“Mom, call me at 3:13 so I can do a dance at 3:14.”  What??  “It’s International Pi(e) Day!”  Oh. . . it took me a moment to place this in context of a Math Olympiad child.  Pi, not Pie.   I was picturing some blackberry pie dance she created with a friend.

Then, there’s the fact she will be representing her school at the statewide Geography Bee. . . a gathering of 100 students from 4th to 8th grade sponsored by National Geographic on April 5.  Eight rounds of competition lead to the final 10 students, and then a single winner from each state go to the national competition in D.C.  Luck of the question draw (and possibly spirit guidance) to make it past a few rounds, but we are studying world geography for a few weeks as if it matters.  No matter how each child places, they are probably teaching the adults in their lives more than they ever sought to know on their own.   And that’s what’s best about being a parent.

If you want the best Spirit $10 can buy, check out this e-book:  Peace Codes (Mandalas from Nature).  I love this couple’s work and find it inspirational.  It is hard for me to describe the almost physical effect I have from viewing the   sacred geometry I barely understand and their blending of green earth and space elements.


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