Science Meets Spirituality

I just finished reading Dr. Eben Alexander’s book “Proof of Heaven,” and am thrilled there is a reputable scientist with courage to push the boundaries of what science thinks is possible.  Frontier science it is.   It is my understanding that the original title of his book was to be something about “consciousness” but publishers landed on “heaven” knowing that concept is familiar to all.  As someone who is highly spiritual yet not following any single religion, I was a bit put off by the title.

Regardless of your background, you can benefit from reading the remarkable medical and transcendent story of a critically ill man who survived.

Anyone can go to his new nonprofit organization to find out more information and support for their own experiences with expanded consciousness that are as yet disregarded by many scientists as “kooky” or impossible to explain:

The Seven Postulates dovetail with what I am learning firsthand in my reconnection to nature experiences through my degree program in ecopsychology and provide an added dimension for my focus.   So many thesis possibilities. . . I feel like I need a Wheel of Fortune game for thesis projects.

Common ground revelations are that life can be a magical interaction with all surrounding webstrings that connect us, and that antidotes for almost all that ail us are found in reconnection to the natural world of which we are a part.

In addition to the tragedy in Boston, news of several sudden passings have reached me this week, so I am posting a great resource for grief and loss that came my way:

Golden Willow Retreat: A Sanctuary for Grief and Loss.

Here is a mandala to be used as a visual prayer wheel to send Love to anyone.  Click on the image to be taken to the artists’ website.


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