Elucubrating and Car Repair


What the heck does elucubrating mean, you ask?  I’ve been “burning the midnight oil” this week with several contract jobs and studies, and the verb elucubrate meant to work studiously by candle light.  Because this word has become extinct, I decided to bring it back.

The car repair has a lot to do with this extra hard elucubrating, because on a level from 1 to 3, with 1 being my car will stop dead while driving 50 mph on a freeway and 3 being it would be nice to replace a part that won’t cause a fatality, the repairs have been in the 1 category.  To the tune of 1 K this month.

Now, here’s the deal.  I am definitely seeing a pattern (a law of the  universe?), over the course of my life where as soon as I start creating more earning power than the poverty line, as I have the past 3 months for the first time in a decade, some unanticipated expense rises to meet the attracted funds.  The effect this has upon me is to believe there is some purpose to my not overreaching the grasp of my station in life.

In other words, as soon as I start squirreling away something toward some different future, life has a way of saying, “Not so fast.  You have everything you need in this moment, and that’s all you need to focus on.”

Because I am determined to give my daughter the opportunity of a music camp next month and have a car that will get her there safely, pardon me while I elucubrate some more.  I may never own a house in my lifetime or dine fancily or afford all the travel I’d like to do, but I do know how to save a word from extinction.

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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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