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(Photo credit:  Mary Maguire, World Resources, Glacier National Park)

Sometimes information swirls in the collective consciousness to the point where I am confronted with the same message stated many different ways.  It is hard to avoid thinking “I’m supposed to get this.”  I ask, but what am I supposed to do with this information?  This week has been one of those weeks.

I am surrounded by, love and admire many skeptics.  But I also think to be a true skeptic we need to study the data that exists before we disregard something as fabrication.

1)  I finished reading Lynne McTaggart’s  book, The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, which is like a crash course in physics for the lay person and a collection of all the rigorous scientific study done by what is now termed “pioneer scientists.”  These are people documenting things they did not expect to find in their data and deciding to pursue that anomaly, often at the expense of professional reputations, rather than brush it aside and say “that can’t be.”

2)  I was shutting down the TV to sleep, and on popped a 2-hour documentary on my public station called The Quantum Activist, featuring lectures and discussion by Dr. Amit Goswami.  I had to watch and find him and his life story an inspiration!

3)  I heard about Renee Scheltema’s documentary, Something Unknown is Doing We Don’t Know What, viewed this fabulous film, and was amazed to see most of the scientists I had read about in “The Field” come to life and depth.  What I am most skeptical about is a clip I have seen elsewhere several times of Chinese healers causing a tumor to disappear real-time on an image.  Ultrasound imaging can be easily shifted and nowhere have I found verification of how the images were obtained or whether the measurements between the before/after structures are comparable.   (Part of my job involves typing radiology image results).

My favorite paraphrase from the film:

“4% of the universe we understand; about 96% of the universe we don’t have a clue about. Facing into that reality, one must be very cautious about saying something can’t be.”

4)  In this week’s homework for my class, I read this phrase by my teacher, Michael Cohen, who has spent 40 years living and working in nature, published over a decade ago:

The immensely accelerated neural process of our body-mind is almost a hologram of the process by which over time Earth’s life community slowly and steadily communicates.”

5)  My direct experience with an experiment of reconnecting to nature daily by spending at least 10 minutes relaxing on the ground outside each day is a regenerating process, much like a battery in a charger.   I do notice the more time I spend consciously connecting to nature’s feedback loop, the more frequent my ‘intuitive/psychic’ experiences are, and I had at least 3 happen this past week.  Maybe I’ll compile and publish my notes on all my intuitive experiences someday, but for now I understand I have experienced many things over a lifetime that cannot be fully explained by standard scientific view of my capacity.  Many of us have had these experiences but cannot intentionally replicate them or receive them with enough consistency to make a living helping others through this gift.  But I find the understanding of consciousness the single most fascinating topic I could think about.  Brain considering mind!

6)  Let me add one more great source on this topic for thought, an e-book by my uncle:  The Picnic at the Edge of the Universe.  In truth, I have wanted to read this since publication (and would have wanted to even if the author was not related) but have not yet.  My excuse is lame, but I have an aversion to e-books simply because I spend so much of my life in front of a computer, have not been able to afford yet a single handheld device, and would rather have a paper book to carry with me as I ponder the Universe.  That said, I am glad it was brought to my attention from the back of my mind and I will intend to read it in full!


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