In Praise of the Small

Despite the fact I can hardly read road signs at the moment because I have not purchased the next grade of eye wear for aging people, there was a time when my nickname was “Eagle Eye.”  I could pick out lost seed beads from a pile of gravel and spent all of 4th grade drawing a happy community of gnats and fleas, each with their own personality, on the wall of my classroom cubby hole.  Until my teacher discovered this and asked me to clean it off.  At least it was a small mess.

Nothing was more magical than the first time I saw algae under a microscope in high school:

algae2 algae3 algae algae 4

But when I ran across this impossibly small origami today I had to say WOW!

Teeny Origami

About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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