Biology and Music – Matter and Spirit

When I was a whippersnapper and felt the world was my oyster, I entered college to work toward a double degree in Biology and Music.  A high school career counselor encouraged me by saying “Maybe you could create music background for nature programs on TV?”  Hmmm. . . not exactly what I was going after, but an example of how no one knew what to do with me.

I did get a music scholarship for a year, took some biology courses, but ended up with an English degree. Life is full of unexpected detours and adventures under the arc of some overall design.

Now I see that Biology and Music really gets at the intersection that fascinates me most– Matter and Spirit.  This is the heart of some of the greatest wisdom on the planet in shamanic, nature-based cultures.

Here is a perfect example of someone working within the context of the natural world with music, from my daughter’s music teacher, who is creating a daily sound journal in his leading edge work in modern music.  It would be amazing to hear something with top sound equipment to better capture the ambient sounds of nature and his communication within it, but what he is doing is fascinating!

Neil Welch – 12 Moons Solo Project


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