Cost of Light

Once, most humans on the planet lived in tropical regions.  Then we discovered how to make our own light.

I caught this fabulous documentary that looks at the impact of our tropicmaking on ourselves and our planet.  I recommend it!   The film looks at the physical impacts of our city lights on birds (1 billion birds annually are thought to die flying into buildings in US cities alone!) and our own biology hormone cycle disruption from shift work and 24/7 economic cycles (shift workers have higher incidence of breast cancer, and breast cancer rates increase as modernization increases).  At the edges, the film also considers the spiritual aspect of humans losing connection with the cosmos.

Here’s what I personally do to cope with hours of computer screen light:

~ I refuse to take another night shift (I did shift work for years).

~ I make sure my sleeping area is completely dark.

~ I take a small amount of melatonin each night, vitamin D during the day.

~ I try, try, try to go outside to look at whatever I can see of the night sky at least once per week.

These things have helped me get restorative sleep, repair muscle aches, and maintain my circadian rhythms.

About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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