Yasuni – Life on Earth or Oil

I was introduced to this situation in Ecuador by John Perkins, author of books about the Shuar and Achuar indigenous cultures of the Amazon, from whom I am honored to take a several-week distance workshop about dreamshifting with the Shift Network.  (John Perkins book list).

Below is a segment that reached the PBS Newshour program this week:

“Oil extraction if done correctly can coexist with Yasuni’s indigenous population and biodiversity.” – A scientist in the Yasuni reserve

What do you think?

I don’t know what the solution is, but tapping oil reserves and biodiverse life (including human life) on Earth have never seemed to coexist before.

So far in my experience with a dreamshifting journey, I received instruction to “Speak for the trees.”  So in my humble way I am complying with whatever source gave me that instruction.  Filling out an Arbor Day Foundation questionnaire in my mail, listening to the trees around me, and trying to figure out how to translate what they would say.

I was told of a beautiful Amazonian tradition of Nunqui, Earth Goddess, who spends her days spinning the root networks of trees underground and rises above the Earth each twilight to touch and care for the branches and leaves so that all trees may communicate with one another no matter where in the world they exist.  The President of Ecuador’s Yasuni decision may see a lot of grieving trees.


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1 Response to Yasuni – Life on Earth or Oil

  1. An ecuadorian here. This is insane. People came from the rainforest to the congress, they were given a speech they refused to repeat, they don’t want any oil drilling there, neither most of us. The most biodiverse zone in the world does not deserve this. Plus, it’s stupid, there is a lot of economic pontential if we DON’t drill

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