Peeling and Discarding Layers to Essential Self


Have you ever considered how many layers of stuff you have around your essential self?  We all come into this world precious little pieces of humanity with a distinct essential self (soul), but layers and layers get wrapped around us until we become walking mummies, unable to see our true self’s beauty.

We may feel worthless.  We may feel the person or people we love are not who we were told we should.  We may feel our limitations are overwhelming, keeping us from who we know we could be.

In my dreamshifting workshop these are depicted as onion layers that we need to work hard to peel, but all week I have been walking around with my layers depicted as narratives on news article headlines.  As I write down these life narratives for myself, they become clearer and easier to discard.

It is painfully obvious if I was a journalist, I would not be paid to create headlines, but try making some of your own just for fun and see if it helps you.  Here are some of my narratives for the burn pile:

“Obese, Asthmatic, Middle-Aged Single Mama on Tight Budget Attempts to be an Athlete”

“Woman Dies from Exhaustion Trying to Singlehandedly Save the World from Pediatric Cancer Just Because Her Child Was One of Mega-Millions on Earth to Face Disease”

“Highly Sensitive Child of High-Achieving, Loving Family Fails to Excel Academically**, Resulting in Life Path Involving Bankruptcy, Divorce, Single Parenthood, Failed Relationships, and Poverty”

“Peace Activist Sabotages Essential Self by Marrying Person Involved in Testing and Using Weapons” 

“Woman’s Life-Threatening Allergies Restrict Social Life and Bring her to ER Three Times” 

“Woman Sits at Desk 50 Hours a Week for 20 Years and Gains Weight, Forgetting How to Live”


I heard how each of these narratives has it’s counterpart of positive energy to bring forth.

“Woman Overcomes Obesity, Asthma, Teen Years Confined to a Back Brace to Hike and Walk Marathons for Charity”

“Parent of Childhood Cancer Survivor Creates Healing Outdoors Pilot Project for Parent Caregiver Support”

“Young Talented Musician From Amazing Family Becomes Strong Single Mom, Embraces Solitude, Enjoys Freedom From Toxic Relationships”

“Bad Marriage Decision Results in Creation of Incredible Child”

“Woman Overcomes Life-Threatening Allergies by Avoidance of Dogs and Nuts (Though Nutty People Fascinate Her)”

“Woman Works From Home 50 Hours a Week to Support Child Without Cost of Childcare, Takes Classes in Evenings to Engage her Mind, and Reconnects to Nature Every Spare Moment, Remembering How to Live” 

 **Face to Face Blog Comment:  My dad, a retired professor, told me he enjoys my blog but takes umbrage to this statement, as I did okay academically and did end up with a college degree.  Perhaps I should clarify that I did not do well in college courses in the area of my childhood dreams (Biology/Marine Biology), and that I believe my life path would have been more financially secure if I had letters after my name other than MOM. To this end, I will seek examples of Moms without higher degrees who have achieved “success” as we know it and post about them. I suspect this will lead down a primrose path of redefining “success.”

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